I used to go all out in terms of decorating my apartment for Christmas. Well, by “all out”, I mean I would invite my garden club president of a mother over and she’d bring lots of garland, branches, lights, spray painted tin foil trees, cranberries, etc. and go to town on my window sills. These days, partly because of the huge liability that pickle and bert (our cats) present, I’m lucky if I get my Christmas tree up and decorated in a half-decent way.

So, since I was feeling a little extra crafty last night (and I had some time to kill while Brian assembled our sweet new media stand thing) I decided to decorate a little for an upcoming holiday party on Friday, namely by gift-wrapping my only two kitchen cabinets.  Cute, right? Let’s see if the cats (and me) can resist tearing it down for a few days!

And, if you’re anything like me, you like a good peek in your friend’s cabinets. C’mon. You know you do. Click in for more…

The top cabinet is where all of my cooking oils/vinegars live, beatifully labeled spices and baking supplies (sugars, flours, chocolate, etc.), and snacky snacks. I buy almost all of my spices at Christina's, which is a local spice/specialty market that has great variety and great prices. Also, I love to buy things like nuts at Costco since they're one of my favorite snacks throughout the day.

The bottom cabinet is where I hoard, I mean store, canned goods, starches (dried pastas, rice, bread crumbs, etc.), and soups and stocks. Looks a bit like a Trader Joe's ad right now, eh?

Happy Holidays from Pickle & Bert!

One thought on “Crafty.

  1. Courtney says:

    Aw, but minus the onion powder;)

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